June 1, 2020

The Mayborn Museum accomplished a great deal in recent years.  Guided by its 2020 Vision Strategic Plan, the museum:

  • achieved Accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums,
  • hosted its first blockbuster exhibition (Titanic),
  • created five new exhibitions: (Backyard Ecology, Founding to Future, SpaceX, Back to the Jurassic, and Design Den),
  • Completed an Exhibition Master Plan for the Natural and Cultural History wing of the museum,
  • increased volunteerism,
  • created the Bryce Brown Research Fellowship program,
  • achieved major progress related to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act,
  • continued an active partnership with Waco Mammoth National Monument,
  • highlighted Baylor research to the community through the Portal to the Public program,
  • increased programs including Christmas Lights in the Village, Adult Programs, Teen Science Café,
  • partnered with Common Grounds to open a new coffee shop,
  • supported 110 area school districts through class field experiences, the Math for Early Learner Academy, and ProsperWaco Family Science Nights,
  • started a new Museum Reach Out Program which provides multiple ways to access the museum by lowering the price barrier of entry,
  • and increased earned and donated revenues to fuel this growth. 

And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  As of this writing, the museum’s doors have been shut for two and a half months.  It’s hard to make concrete plans not knowing how the world will change post-COVID-19.  But the museum’s desired impacts through this plan are still important and relevant. 

This plan outlines five areas of focus which include:

  • Supporting Baylor’s goal of becoming a top research university,
  • Continually evolving and improving our audience experience,
  • Increasing accessibility and relevance in the community,
  • Strengthening our corporate culture and operations,
  • Increasing operating revenues to support continuous improvement in programs and services. 

If anything the pandemic has increased the urgency with which the museum adopts this strategic plan.  With a CLEAR sense of mission, vision, and core values, the museum will step into the post-COVID-19 world ready to adapt as needed. 

Charlie Walter